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MISSION's high reliability RTU circuitry comes in a wide variety of packages to suit the installation requirements.


MISSION offers a turnkey monitoring and control system to manage remote sites.  While some people think of the Model 100 as an advanced autodialer, it is really an automated management system, both for pumping stations, and the people who maintain them.

The Model 100 RTU has 8 digital, 2 analog and 1 electronic key reader inputs, and 3 outputs. It typically installs in two hours or less. The wireless communication is through the ultra-reliable cellular digital control channel to Missionís automated Control Center. The Model 100 works anywhere in the U.S. and dependably performs in remote or hilly areas.

The information on your secure website is displayed on an easy to understand graphic depiction of your water system. Log on and get a real time snapshot of all RTUís with alarms or AC failures detailed in a single glance. Missionís system can also blend with existing radio SCADA systems and send data right to your existing HMI computer via OPC. Missionís automated Control Center simultaneously generates alarm and status notifications to your personnel via all pagers, e-mail, faxes, voice phone calls. All alarms are easily confirmed by time and recipient.  Electronic RTU service keys document and log service personnel site inspections and maintenance.  Mission can supply you with virtually all the information needed for CMOM/state EPA reporting for your pump stations; from rainfall/wet weather event documentation, I & I estimates, pump station performance and maintenance, to alarms and documented responses.

For the first time, this industry has available a truly low cost, wireless monitoring and control RTU that will work virtually everywhere you want, and will outperform autodialers and most long range radios. Itís extremely easy to use, and itís small enough to fit inside an existing PLCís NEMA enclosure.  There are no cellular contracts
or licenses to obtain.  In addition to more standard SCADA functions such as reporting general alarms, pump run times, pump starts, meter reading and well or tank level monitoring, etc., Missionís system has a number of unique abilities. Mission actually analyses pump performance on a daily basis using customized, long term statistical formulas. When Mission detects abnormal pump performance, it automatically notifies you of the trouble. Mission also has unique alarm notification scheduling, alarm receipt confirmation abilities and extensive event and service personnel tracking.  All this at half or less than the price of autodialers and about half the monthly phone line costs! Replacing costly phone lines can save $300 per site per year.

  Feature Benefit
  Utilizes digital cellular digital control channel Better coverage, higher reliability than voice channels
  Full 3-watt digital cellular radio included Highest allowed by FCC
  No radio networks or repeaters to maintain No additional sites to install, interference issues dealt with by telephone company personnel
  Units automatically self enroll into system no installation delays
  Daily testing of each unit Confidence in unit and site's performance
  Two optional pulse counting inputs Connect flow meters or rainfall gauges
  Supervised power supply with battery backup included Monitors and reports site status even when site power fails


Additional Information

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